jeudi 19 mai 2011

Some News

Alright, it’s been a while since last time I posted something on my blog. Not that running is out of my life, not really, I still run, not like I used to, but I do run. It's like past events made me realize that there are so much more important things in life than just focusing on running. Like, prioritizing the loved ones.

It is crazy how a simple event, as deep as it is, can do in a single life. It makes you think that you are not that strong, even though people think so. It makes you realize that you are strong but only if the things or the people that keep you standing tall in front of any obstacle are right beside you. If there is a missing part, you crash. It's like a puzzle. If there is a missing piece, it won't work.

So now, I know it is coming back. I know it because I am starting to feel the joy of running coming back in my veins. Because, I know I am a runner. I just need to take the time of making a come back, strong and steady. I have done a couple of things since my last post, like a rogaine and I'll run with F for her first official 10k this Sunday. I can’t believe she'll run a 10k. This is huge for a mom to have the chance of running a race with her child. I have to say that I am very, very proud of her. Needless to say that I'll probably sob when we'll pass that finish line. And, yesterday night, she told me she wanted to train for the half marathon. She doesn't know if she’ll do it yet, but she wants to train for it. I’m telling you, kids do take example on what they see. Did I mention that she had a certificate at school because of her efforts in Physical Education, her beast? Well, she probably got it because of one of her test which was the Léger-Boucher test. She was the only girl left, with two guys at the end and she made 7 levels, which is excellent for a girl at that age. I think the average for her group is Level 5. I was very proud 

So back to my running. I was looking and studying my log last night. I am running any old how! I feel the need to go back to where I was, minus the pressure and the stress that I was putting on my shoulders while I was training for the marathon. I understood that I am not an elite runner (not that I didn’t know that, but you know…) and that if I don't run a sub 4, nobody cares. Of course, being a runner means being competitive with oneself and I would like to run a sub 4, but if it doesn't happen, it won't change anything in my life. I'll just be very proud if it happens someday. But for this, I need to get back to where I was first. I need to take care of that runner inside of me and stop complaining, or I should say stop making excuses and just get out there! So, let’s just say that something happened and made my head swim because it touched my inner intuition and everything that I am, but let's just put that aside of my running and keep going. I love running... no, running is my passion. And I discovered that I love running with other persons, which is new for me cause I didn't care much before. So, let’s run people!!!!

Stay tuned… I’ll come back to my blog too 


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